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Numbers & Facts

You have never earned money so easily.
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Plan 1

Profit 200% in 14 Days
Minimum Deposit 0.01 BTC
Maximum Deposit 1 BTC

Plan 2

Profit 1000% in 1 Month
Minimum Deposit 0.05 BTC
Maximum Deposit 5 BTC


1. line (direct partner) 5%
2. line3%
3. line1%

Crypto Options!
Total Deposit
Approx. COB users


Here is a brief guide on how to start with Crypto Options within 5 minutes:

  • Install Telegram (Download-Links)
  • Create a bitcoin wallet and change money into bitcoin (Manual)
  • Click HERE, press "Start" and select your language
  • Click on "Invest" within the bot and send min. 0.01 Bitcoin to the address
  • Once the bitcoin has arrived, the bot starts automatically and you get your percents daily.
Start with WCB now!


Simply install Telegram and follow the instructions above!


Here you can easily calculate how much
you have with your paid investment

Create landingpage Coming Soon

Create your own landing page now! Since the hosting and support costs time & money, you can choose between two types of usage:

  • One-time payment of xxx BTC. You get your own landing page with your Crypto Options Partner-Link
  • Free. You get your own landing page, but every 5th click leads to our partner link (4 clicks to your, 1 click to our Crypto Options partner link)

- Automatic language recognition English & German